October 15, 2016#

52 Week Art Challenge Update

Begining in April, my design and illustration commitments became such that keeping up with the challenge became impossible. Between April and Now (Mid-October) I have had 6 designs picked up by felt app.com, had 1 design place as an editor’s pick on Minted.com,  and made my first Spoonflower sale. I will be adding all of these images to my portfolio later this weekend.

In addition, this pattern made it to the 2nd round of voting for the Spoonflower/Headbands of Hope challenge. The challenge was to design a pattern with a celestial theme. While I did not make it to the top 5, this was the first time I made it through to the 2nd round so in my book, that is a huge leap forward.



May 26, 2016#

52 Week Art Challenge/March 2016-Birds

Love using animals as subject matter so this month’s theme has been my favorite to date. Continuing with the goal of working in a quicker, looser manner. Ignored my own advice with “Springtime” as I created that pattern digitally, in Adobe Illustrator.


March 20, 2016#

52 Week Art Challenge/February 2016-Houses

In the spirit of creating these images quickly, I am showing a preference for working in watercolor, colored pencil and ink. I do want to create a few mixed media pieces using collage, those will have to wait until later in the year. Right now I am very busy creating larger images for several simultaneous Minted art challenges.


IMG_1859 IMG_1871 IMG_1842

March 20, 2016#

52 Week Art Challenge/January 2016-Houseplants

For 2016 I have committed to creating art every week to post to Instagram along with other artists following the same prompts.(#Spankyartparty) The idea was put forth by Jayme Sloan of Hennel Paper Company (www.hennelpaperco.com). Each month features a different theme, thereby I am creating a minimum of 4 pieces for each theme. Have been enjoying this, it is a great way to create work quickly and not get hung up on self-editing. Here are my illustrations for JanuaryIMG_1804 IMG_1811 IMG_1824 IMG_1826



December 23, 2015#

December 2015 Spoonflower Challenge Entries

In December, despite being crazy busy at work, I created 2 patterns for Spoonflower challenges. “Nanny-Jean” was submitted to the “Knitting” challenge and “Mummer’s Parade” was my take on the theme “New Year Traditions”

Mummer'sParade Nanny-Jean