September 29, 2017#

100 Day Challenge-Third 25 days

August 6, 2017#

100 Day Challenge-Second 25 days

July 16, 2017#

100 day challenge-First 25 days

Turns out I am better at daily challenges as opposed to weekly or monthly challenges (Less ability to justify missing a post, done is better than none). For this challenge I decided to focus on linoleum carving. There were a few days were I painted instead, those were days where I was traveling or ran out of linoleum. These are the instagram posts from the first 25 days

October 15, 2016#

52 Week Art Challenge Update

Begining in April, my design and illustration commitments became such that keeping up with the challenge became impossible. Between April and Now (Mid-October) I have had 6 designs picked up by felt app.com, had 1 design place as an editor’s pick on Minted.com,  and made my first Spoonflower sale. I will be adding all of these images to my portfolio later this weekend.

In addition, this pattern made it to the 2nd round of voting for the Spoonflower/Headbands of Hope challenge. The challenge was to design a pattern with a celestial theme. While I did not make it to the top 5, this was the first time I made it through to the 2nd round so in my book, that is a huge leap forward.



May 26, 2016#

52 Week Art Challenge/March 2016-Birds

Love using animals as subject matter so this month’s theme has been my favorite to date. Continuing with the goal of working in a quicker, looser manner. Ignored my own advice with “Springtime” as I created that pattern digitally, in Adobe Illustrator.